Startup & Small Business

Everything Startup

Startups are hard! Remember, if it was easy, everyone would do it. A lot of people have ideas, I am a firm believer it is the people behind the idea that make it a reality. The "WHO" behind the idea is arguably more important than the actual idea! Startups are a marathon and a rollercoaster. Let's connect and talk about it. 

Organizational Development & Human Resources

OD & HR are the guts of a company, if you are not investing in this department, I guarantee you will start to feel it. Hiring for fit, in my opinion, is the best strategy for productivity, retention and growth. 

Project Implementation

Are you struggling with execution? Are you struggling with getting small to large projects implemented? Implementation is key to being able to grow and test new opportunities of business. Without a strong implementation team, getting things done will feel tedious, daunting and grueling. 

Product Marketing & Development

Do you have a product idea or are you struggling with getting your product launched or scaled in a very competitive market place? I recommend use case documentation, product portfolios, multi-marketing tactics and product management methodologies, such as agile scrum.  

Customer Marketing & Experience

Are you plugged into the right channels for customer feedback? Is your brand getting hurt by poor customer ratings? The customer experience is vital and should be continually nurtured, assessed and improved upon.

Sales & Marketing Plans

This is the fun stuff. I like to throw as much money as I can towards marketing campaigns of all types. Throw things against the wall and see what sticks, don't rely on one channel, explore channels and make sure you are recording statistics and benchmarks. Be sure to monitor but let things "simmer" to see results.